After Paul’s message yesterday I was thinking about ways we can memorialize God’s works today.   Here are just a few of my thoughts and hearing yours would be appreciated.

Build something.

Yes, even today we can build something physical to remind us of God’s work.  You could build something in your back yard, or in your home.   Something that would have staying power and you would associate with whatever act of God you want to remember.

Write it.

Write how the event happened, the date(s), and the circumstances around it.  Write it by hand and keep it somewhere where you keep important documents or letters.   Write it on your computer and put a shortcut on your desktop to remind you.  Print it out and post it.

Post it & share it.

Post it on social media.  Write it in a blog.  Write it in a facebook note.   Other believers want to rejoice and remember this event with you.  Posting it saves, and also shares the info with others.

Frame it.

If it can be photo-documented, take the picture, frame it, and put it on your wall.

Put it on the calendar

Every year you transfer significant dates from one years calendar to the next.  If there’s a specific date attached to an amazing work of God in your life, or that you have witnessed in the life of another,  mark it down on the calendar.  Transfer it from calendar to calendar every year.  Commemorate it with your family.

Whatever it is, make sure it’s memorable and that it actually reminds you have what God did.  What ideas do you have?



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  • Kevin Smith

    After listening to this sermon again I started to think about ways I could do this. I thought it would be great to have a “pile of rocks” in the back yard that we could add one to every time we saw God’s miraculous hand. I soon realized that I would probably run out of rocks rather quickly. Maybe i could start a pebble garden, each pebble standing for a time God showed His work in our lives. I then started thinking about writing it all down, you know, typing out in story form the ways that God has taken care of us as a family and as individuals over the years. I don’t know if I can remember it all. As I began thinking of the instances, my mind was overwhelmed by them. I am not so sure that I could catch up with all of the stories. Someday, though, I would love to write many of them down. I would advise younger families to start this early and keep some sort of scrapbook/storybook. Years from now it can be pulled from the shelf and those miracles you experienced as a family can be re-read when your children are adults.

  • Todd

    Kevin, that’s excellent stuff to think about (and act on).

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