Last night I set my alarm to get up in the middle of the night.  Why?  To view the total lunar eclipse which reached totality at about 2:45 AM CT.  For those who may not be aware, a lunar eclipse happens when the moon passes into the shadow of the earth.  That is, the earth blocks the light of the sun that normally reflects off the moon.  If conditions are right, the light from the sun will pass through the thin layer of the earth’s atmosphere scattering the red light such that it refracts and falls on the moon.  Hence, the term blood moon.

This is the first of four blood moons that will occur over the next 18 months.  Certain teachers of prophecy have attached great significance to these four eclipses saying that they foreshadow a tremendously significant event having to do with Israel.  They use several verses of Scripture to justify their interpretation.  Now most of DMF knows that I have a somewhat different view of the end times than many evangelicals.  I understand that my view is in the minority and that there are godly men who hold different views.  Nevertheless, I feel compelled to at least present a different perspective.  I expect nothing to come from these eclipses in the way of significant events for Israel.  I do  not view them as a warning from God.  Let me be quick to point out that I am not saying that nothing significant will happen in the next year and a half.  I am just saying that if it does, it will not be related in any way to these eclipses.  The Middle East is a powder keg.  It is hardly prophecy to predict something big could happen in the next year and a half.

Take a look at this video which explains some of the problems with the current theory.

Blood Moon Refuted



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