Here is something I shared on briefly this last Sunday evening at the Lord’s Supper meeting.  While traveling for work recently I had a free evening.  I decided to take in the controversial Noah movie.  Perhaps I will write about that sometime but what is on my heart tonight is a trailer I saw at that movie.  There is a film that hits theaters this weekend called “Heaven is for Real.”  It is based on a book by that title and tells the story of Colton Burpo, a four-year-old boy who had a medical emergency that resulted in what we normally refer to as a near death experience.  After Colton had recovered, he began to astonish his family with claims of things he saw while he was in the midst of his crisis.  Apparently, Colton visited heaven.

Now, I am not here to judge his experience.  God may have allowed him this for reasons of His own.  It may be a result of the medical trauma he experienced.  I have no way of knowing.  Nor is that my point in bringing this up.  My point is to gently ask:  Why do books like this appeal to us?  Has not the word of God already addressed this definitively for us?  Has the rock-solid foundation of God’s word not settled this issue for us once and for all?

Check out this review.  The money quote is here:

“The problem is NOT whether Colton might have had some genuine sort of experience of Heaven or not. The problem is (as is evidenced both in the book itself several times – AND by one or two people I’ve spoken with personally) that we are willing to find more comfort and encouragement about the reality of Heaven and some of its supposed features – from the subjective experience of a gravely ill little boy – than we are from the Bible and God’s own revelation of these things. It is as though the Holy Spirit’s revelation is inadequate for us.”

I encourage you to take a look at the article linked above.  Heaven IS for real, not because a four-year-old boy tells us but because the Scriptures tell us so.  Anchor your faith in God’s word.

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