I have four wonderful adult children.  Not only do they all follow the Lord but they’re just fun to be around.  At least I think so.  People have, from time to time, asked me how they turned out so well.  To be completely honest with you, I can do nothing more than chalk it up to the grace of God.  I have made so many colossal mistakes as a parent that it is a wonder my kids are even sane. 

I suppose I could list some things that I thought really matter as far as parenting goes. 

  1. Don’t believe the quality time myth.  Time is time.  Spend it with your kids.
  2. Read to your kids.  Read all kinds of stuff to them.  This takes time.
  3. Read the Scripture to your kids.  Every once in a while make a remark about something you read.  I suggest:  “Isn’t that interesting.”  Don’t preach, just read.
  4. Model your faith; don’t just preach about it.
  5. Focus on your kids knowing Jesus, not just a set of Christian rules.

I could go on.  But there is one thing that I think was helpful far beyond what it appeared to be on the surface: roughhousing with the kids.  Turns out that my instincts were correct.  That is why I am posting this video.  This is one of the most pleasant tasks of parenting.  It will naturally fall to the fathers to engage in this activity.  Dads, make sure you don’t neglect this.  And your young girls will love this as much as your boys.  The video has a few remarks about our evolutionary past.  Just ignore those and press on.

In addition to just plain wrestling around, my kids and I played all kinds of roughhousing games: Super Amoeba, Super Powers, Fight to the Death, and the most famous of all, Deadly Weapon.  These games were not for the squeamish or the faint of heart.  It’s all fun and games until someone gets absorbed by Super Amoeba.  Child rearing is serious business.  And, yes, during the Christmas season one year, we broke the baby Jesus in the ceramic nativity scene.  I think Jesus was understanding about this.  My wife, less so, understandably since it was a gift from her sister.  But, to her credit, my wife never tried to stop the roughhousing.

Turns out it is fun and good for the kids.

ht:  The Art of Manliness

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