We believe God has called us as a church to reach out to the world, particularly remembering the poor and hurting, beginning with our own church neighborhood. Our mission is to demonstrate the love of Christ through things like our food pantry, neighborhood VBS, and Life Groups.  We want to reach an ever-increasing sphere of people, both in our church neighborhood and throughout the city, with the message of Christ.

With that foundation in mind, we plan our outreach based on these five dynamics of the church:

Ever Expanding

God’s kingdom is ever expanding and increasing. (Isaiah 9:7) We have a vision for and encourage a culture of growth – personal, corporate, and kingdom-wide. We want to plan for it, prepare for it, and expect it in every area of ministry.


A life-giving church creates a place where people are free to enjoy life. A life-giving church gives hope, builds faith, motivates through grace (not guilt), and presents a life that flows from the Holy Spirit within, not one externally controlled with rules and regulations.


Permission-granting is all about power: power to release people’s creativity and gifts, and power to unleash the potential God placed within His church body. A fully-functioning church family is made of motivated people with ideas, vision, creativity, and gifts. A permission-granting church releases these people into ministry.

Raising Up The Next Generation

The gifts and life of the youth and young adults in our church body are highly valued, and we seek to use them in every area of ministry.

Dependence on God

A dynamic prayer life increases our level of faith and dependence on God. In that faith, we increasingly draw on God’s limitless resources.

Des Moines & Central Iowa Outreach

Our food pantry is supported by members of the church for both the church body and for those in need in our neighborhood. It is open once a week. For details, contact us.

Vacation Bible School

Each summer, we host a vacation Bible school for neighborhood children. Check the site frequently for more details.

Global Outreach

Rivers and Becky Camp

Rivers and Becky are young missionaries with Team World ( http://www.teamworld.org/) who are currently serving in Chad to reach Muslim people groups.

Peter and Yana

Peter and Yana are native Russian missionaries.  Their focus is training leaders in the local church in Russia. Their ministry includes working at the operating three camp ministries and serving as leaders in their local church, equipping the people and raising up a new generation of Christian leaders in Russia.

Dan and Jody Appleby

Dan works for Mission Aviation Fellowship. He is the Director of Maintenance for Moody Bible Institute’s Aviation program. He trains future missionaries in the care and maintenance of aircraft, as well as maintaining the school’s aircraft. Check in with Dan and Jody

Ludin and Becky Reyes

Ludin and Becky serve with H.O.P.E. Bible Mission  and AGAPE. Ludin is a pilot. Using the airplane AGAPE is able to reach remote communities with spiritual edification and physical relief.

Rick and Deb Carey

Rick and Deb joined H.O.P.E. Bible Mission in 1995 to direct the mission in opening new paths. Currently H.O.P.E.’s pioneer work is focused on Bible Training Programs and Community Development in the remote Ixcan Region of Guatemala and in Church Planting efforts in the Catalonia Region of Spain.