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EarTec Communication Headsets

Ear-Tec UltraLITE-HD Communications Headset System

Training Guide for Des Moines Fellowship Tech Team

Revised: 04/09/2022

Buttons & Parts:

Main-RemoteThere is One (1) Main Unit & Three (3) Remote units. The Main unit acts as a base for the three remote units to connect to The main Unit has a power switch on the bottom and the remote units have a button above the volume buttons then you press and hold for 5 seconds to turn off. The remote units power on automatically when a battery is inserted PLEASE REMEMBER TO TURN OFF UNITS WHEN NOT IN USE.
Headset BatteryThis photo shows the power switch difference between the main unit and the remote units Notice also the button that both shares. This will release the hatch on the battery compartment.
Battery InsertionAlign the white arrow as shown to replace battery. There is a metal tab that releases the battery when compartment opens
Battery ChargerInsert White arrow in direction of ear-tec logo on charging station. Charging station will be either in Live Stream booth or Sound booth.
Battery ChargingBattery ChargedRed Status Means Charging Green Status Means Fully Charged Charge Time: 3-4 Hours Runtime: 6 Hours
Headset CaseHeadset Case 2If needed there is a case for storage that includes a space for the charger. Be sure to make sure all the units are powered off prior to storage

Usage Instructions

We should be making the most of a tool that helps us be more coordinated and elevating our worship and teaching time. It’s for this reason that if you are serving in tech to please use the headset system whenever practical and often. During services is the most critical time to use this instant communications tool. So, please make sure we have them on and use them. It will be an adjustment at first, but soon you won’t know how we did without them.

Please me sure the batteries get put on the charger at the end of service on Sundays.

Ensure the headsets are turned off by pushing and holding the button just above the volume buttons on the remote units and switch the slider switch off on the main unit.

Someone always needs to have the main unit, none of the remote units will work unless the main unit is powered on.

Each week, the projectionist or audio tech will need to act as the Director. It would probably make sense for this person to use the main headset, but there is no other special functionality given to this headset other than it acts as the hub.

The “Director” will need to call cue sequences so that everyone on the team hits transitions evenly and in sync.

The mics are always on unless pushed up where then the headset automatically mutes itself.

Extra talking during services should be kept to a minimum. This is so we don’t cause any unnecessary distractions and cues can be given uninterrupted. 

When giving a cue to another person, the “director” should use phrasing such as:

“Ready Welcome Announcement Slide” (To signify that the welcome slide graphic is about to be displayed for the congregation, or any other element.)

“Take Welcome Announcement Slide” (To signify the actual switching to the Welcome Announcement slide.)

Try to think ahead of what’s coming up that the team needs to be in sync for, and give at least 30 seconds, if possible, at first but once we’re all familiar with the new lingo, 5 – 10 seconds should suffice.

“AVOID SAYING “READY” MORE THAN ONCE” Saying Ready more than once can cause another team member to inadvertently switch too soon since the anticipation is the next command given would be “TAKE”. This will take practice.

Be adaptable. If live stream is having NDI issues, don’t give them cues without confirming the issue is resolved.

Don’t try and take a source or scene before the person acting as the director calls for it. It may seem like you’re just trying to be helpful, but just like Mark Walter is responsible for keeping the worship team in rhythm and on beat, so should be the one person calling for a scene or other element. They should take ownership if something gets missed. Likewise, though, it’s okay to ask the person directing if you should bring up a source or go to another element.

Know the setlist! Super important for everyone to know what’s happening and when the worship leader wants it to happen. It’s everyone’s job to be prepared and pay attention to details. 

Speak clearly and concisely. The mic should be a finger-width away from your lips. Whispers should be able to be heard clearly at that distance.

Audio will likely need to take the headset off and on during worship and rehearsal but should try to be reachable on the headset especially if acting as a director.

Everyone should try and wear the headsets prior to service on Sundays even when moving about the building. This ensures everyone is reachable in case of delays or last-minute changes.

If you need to go off headset to use the restroom or step outside, make sure to announce, “I’m off headset” to let others know not to try and reach you until you come back and say, “I’m back on headset”.

Please do not allow any kids to handle or wear the headsets. They are relatively expensive. This could also be detrimental should the main headset become damaged. This would mean the whole coms system would not be functional.

Time your responses, if we are seconds away from a cue, don’t get on the headset and chit-chat. This is distracting to everyone when focus is required. If something breaks or we have another pressing issue, then please interrupt clearly and concisely but be clear about what you need in order to get back to running. This way whoever is directing can adjust if needed.

This tool is probably going to be one of the most valuable tools we can have on the tech team. Instant communication is key with how fast paced our services can be regularly. Use the tool.

If there are problems before service, please reach out to your team lead:

Dick Cleaveland – Projection – (515) 277-5473

Paul Smith – Live Stream – (515) 724-2808

Odie Lofton – Audio – (515) 290-6842

Band – Aaron Kelly – (515) 783-7525 (Aaron is also a good source if your team lead isn’t available.)

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