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Sin is deceptive, devicive and so destructive it can damage personal lives, nations and churches. So what is the answer to sin?
You've probably heard the commercial with the phrase, "I've fallen and I can't get up!" The truth is we all live in a fallen world. Genesis ...

God's Spirit reveals the truths we know about in His Word. Learn about God's love, goodness, holiness, righteousness and justice.
How do we describe what our God is like? Studying and meditating on Scripture will reveal His Glory through several attributes.

The Nature of God

February 19, 2012
Listen as we explore the nature of God, the concept of the Trinity and why all this is important to us.
Do you desire to have a closer relationship with God? Listen to how the Bible is your primary source for growing that relationship.
We believe God's Word to be true, but always think of other things when we sit down to read it. Often our expectations of Scripture is misplaced, and ...
Through general and specific revelation, God reveals Himself. What are His plans and purposes for our lives and for the universe?
What is theology and what does the Bible say about itself, about God, about sin, about Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the end times...?

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