Students & Youth

Our mission is to strengthen elementary and high school students’ relationship with God, set them on the path of lifelong dynamic and exciting growth, and equip them to reach their friends for Christ.

L.A.F. (1st-6th grade)

L.A.F. (Laying a Foundation) provides a God-centered focus through teaching of Biblical truth. We want to partner with parents to help children understand the supremacy and grace of God in all things; through reliance on the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, and life giving relationships with other people, for their joy and expansion of Christ’s Kingdom.

Junior and Senior High

Rather that the typical youth group approach, we have established personal mentoring relationships for our teens who desire that type of personal discipleship and want to be in a small group bible study.    Our teens are also welcome & encouraged to participate in our Core Groups where they have an opportunity to fellowship and learn together with others from a wide age range.